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Introducing Ease Learning

We support your faculty and stakeholders in the launch of differentiated programs designed to boost engagement and target the learners you endeavor to enroll. Learning experience design in higher education has been our primary focus for over 20 years, and we focus our services to solve the market’s most relevant problems. We can work alongside your internal team, adding capacity, or fully manage an end-to-end solution. With experts in both traditional programs and microcredentials and skills-focused learning, we can help you achieve the vision for your program development.

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Learning Design for Higher Education

Choosing a learning design partner for the launch of your new programs is a very important decision. Our process fosters trust, collaboration, and quality to ensure the best, most inclusive learning experience for your students.

Our team is with you each step of the way to:

  • Develop courses with our proprietary frameworks
  • Audit and update existing courses
  • Complete DEI assessments using AI guided by our industry-standard rubric
  • Promote job readiness and skills-focused learning
  • Develop and implement Interactive Learning Objects (ILOs)

Ease Skillways™

In a rapidly changing economy with a focus on the outcomes of higher education, it is important for institutions to be at the forefront of delivering programs that prepare learners with skills for tomorrow.

Skillways validates mastery of skills and enables a skills-focused approach to online learning by focusing on the application and demonstration of skills rather than the acquisition and regurgitation of knowledge.

A learner’s time is valuable, and emphasis should be put on skills that need development rather than skills already mastered. Skillways learners begin with a pre-assessment to determine their current mastery of a skill, and based on the results, a recommended path to mastery is provided. Learners can then practice or demonstrate their skills, and ultimately achieve mastery.

Ease Learning Help Desk

Whether you need to extend your current coverage or outsource support entirely, Ease Learning's team of trained, U.S.-based Help Desk agents are equipped to support end users in your LMS, as well as its integrated applications. With the ability to provide round-the-clock, bilingual Spanish support for all LMS users, Ease Learning’s Help Desk strives to increase technological equity and continually enhance the user experience.

Levels of support are customized for each client's specific needs. Customized dashboards and reporting are available, giving a clear picture into the user experience and allowing for continuous, data-driven improvements of online support.

Customized Solutions for Higher Education

From course audits to course enhancement and design, we're here to support you each step of the way.

We offer tailored solutions that fit most approaches and budgets—and, most importantly, are optimized to best support the success of your students and your institution.

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Learning Design

“I am so grateful for your patience with us throughout this process—we’ve been able to learn a lot with this pilot and have valued you all as thought partners in that work.”


Girlie Delacruz
Associate Vice Chancellor of Teaching and Learning at Northeastern University


“This work has illustrated mapping of existing nursing content to the draft AACN Essentials through the Skillways platform.  This offers us a way to move toward competency-based education by truly modularizing our content for small-bite delivery because we can measure progress toward outcomes as students proceed along individual paths.”

David Bodily
Director, ReNEW & RN-BSN Completion Programs University of Wyoming


“Thank you for all of your hard work and support! We appreciate your professionalism, knowledge, and participation in this wonderful experience to create two creative and dynamic courses.”

George Lacuesta

Help Desk

“Ease was always quick to work with us as an institution to quickly resolve issues. The follow up of agents was amazing.”

Nancy Artaz
Friends University

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