Course Content Creation with Melissa Wilson, Director of Learning Design

Course Content Creation

The importance of quality course content creation cannot be overstated — it shapes the learning experience, ensures engagement, and facilitates effective knowledge transfer. 

To understand how Ease Learning excels in this critical field, we spoke with Melissa Wilson, Director of Learning Design. 

Here’s a glimpse into their world of course content creation, the challenges they face, and the expertise they bring to the table.

What kinds of content writing does Ease excel in?

We are incredibly diverse and capable of tackling any subject. Our team handles both higher education and corporate projects. Designing a course requires collaboration between a learning designer and a subject matter expert (SME). With the right people in place, we can handle any subject matter.

Do your SMEs write content for higher education? What is that like?

Yes, our SMEs do write content for higher education. It’s a meticulous process that takes into account the subject matter, the audience, and the specific needs and vision of the institution.

Before they start writing, we ensure our SMEs understand these elements thoroughly. We provide them with insights during their interviews and throughout the content creation process.

Do you also work for publishers? Do you maintain content?

Absolutely. We work with publishers and also take on the responsibility of maintaining content to ensure its relevance and accuracy over time.

Do you have SMEs who are experts in assessment writing? What does that look like?

Yes, we have an amazing pool of SMEs who are experts in writing assessment questions. 

They understand the nuances of this task and have extensive experience. Typically, they develop a large pool of questions at once, which the client then reviews for content and format. Any necessary revisions are made based on the client’s feedback.

Do your SMEs do reviews?

Yes, we have SMEs who review the work of other SMEs to ensure quality and consistency.

Do you have SMEs in all disciplines?

We have a very large pool of SMEs, though not in every discipline. However, we are adept at mobilizing our recruiting team to find SMEs for specific disciplines as needed for upcoming projects.

What do you look for in particular when hiring someone to write content for Ease Learning?

We look at their background and experience. It’s crucial to know if they’ve taught the subject online or in person, if they have the appropriate degrees, and if they have practical experience in the field. 

We also consider whether they’ve been a SME before and have participated in online course design. Additionally, we seek individuals who are collaborative and open to feedback.

How important is it for a SME to have been an instructor of the subject matter? Are they experts in their field?

It’s very important. SMEs need to understand the subject matter thoroughly and have practical experience because our courses aim to be experiential and engaging. 

Being a teacher is essential; if you haven’t taught before, it’s hard to grasp what’s important for the learner and how to present material effectively.

What do you do if a SME has great expertise but isn’t a very good writer?

Our learning design (LD) team can support the SME. The LD’s role includes reviewing the content and making adjustments as needed. Sometimes, the team only has bulleted points to work with but can transform these into polished content for the SME to review.

How do you handle SME and customer interactions?

Generally, the SME works directly with one of our learning designers or a project manager, who acts as the main point of contact with the client. This minimizes direct interaction between the SME and the client. However, we ensure our SMEs are professional and courteous, capable of handling any client interaction gracefully.

What is the most difficult part of providing content writing as a service, and how do you handle that?

The most challenging part is when a SME has to drop out or we need to replace them. However, we have a robust pool of SMEs, allowing us to find replacements quickly. Our solid process for determining client needs and managing our content writers helps us handle these challenges effectively.

How do you handle feedback and revisions from clients to ensure their satisfaction with the maintained content?

We have a structured process for course design that includes agreed-upon review points. Both internal and client reviews are conducted, to ensure the client’s satisfaction with the work. 

We always obtain final sign-off from the client. Feedback is an essential part of our process, and we welcome it.

How do you ensure coverage for multiple disciplines or content areas as part of your content maintenance offerings?

Once we understand the project scope, we hire SMEs who can cover multiple content areas for extended periods. Most SMEs we hire are dedicated to this role, allowing them to handle ongoing work effectively.

More About Ease

Ease Learning’s comprehensive approach to content creation and course design ensures that they can meet the diverse needs of higher education and corporate clients. Their meticulous process of selecting and supporting SMEs, combined with their robust project management and feedback systems, enables them to deliver high-quality, engaging, and relevant content across various disciplines. With experts like Melissa Wilson at the helm, Ease Learning continues to excel in creating impactful learning experiences.

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“This work has illustrated mapping of existing nursing content to the draft AACN Essentials through the Skillways platform.  This offers us a way to move toward competency-based education by truly modularizing our content for small-bite delivery because we can measure progress toward outcomes as students proceed along individual paths.”

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