Inside Ease Learning’s Help Desk: An Interview with Matt Harris

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Providing exceptional support is crucial for user satisfaction and retention. At Ease Learning, our help desk stands out with its personalized service and efficiency. 

To understand what sets us apart, we spoke with Matt Harris, Help Desk Resource Manager at Ease Learning. Here’s what Matt had to share about our unique approach to help desk support.

What makes our Ease help desk different from other help desks out there?

The personal touch. Every chat and phone ticket is handled by a live person, which ensures immediate and empathetic assistance. Email tickets are answered within four hours, which compares to typical 24-48 hours most services offer. 

This rapid response time and live interaction create a more supportive and efficient experience for our users.

What methods of support are offered? How do you see the distribution of support methods/channels across our users and clients?

We offer 24/7 support via email, chat, and phone. Clients with our standard package receive round-the-clock email support, while chat and phone support are available from 9 AM to 9 PM in the client’s time zone. Because we provide live support through chat and phone, these methods are the most popular among our users.

How do you ensure personalized support for each ticket?

We pride ourselves on resolving issues on the first contact. Our agents address problems with comprehension and efficiently, which ensures that users don’t have to go through multiple interactions to get their issues resolved.

How do you maintain a high customer satisfaction rate?

Each client has their own dedicated site, which makes it appear as though users are contacting their institution directly, rather than an external support service. This personal touch reassures users that they are receiving a tailored and attentive experience.

When students reach out for help, they interact with a support portal that mirrors the branding and environment of their institution. A dedicated site ensures that all communications and support interactions are consistent with the institution’s standards and expectations. This consistency builds trust, as students receive reliable and coherent support experiences every time they seek assistance. Their issues are handled with care and attention by familiar representatives builds confidence and encourages students to reach out whenever they need help.

How does the support center enable users to access online support? Is this institution-specific?

When we answer calls, we request user information as if we were on-site at the client’s institution. Our agents are familiar with our clients and act as extensions of their support teams, providing a seamless and integrated experience.

The dedicated site also serves as a comprehensive resource hub where students can access a wealth of knowledge base articles, tutorials, and FAQs tailored specifically to their institution. This empowers students to find answers and resolve minor issues on their own, promoting self-sufficiency and reducing the volume of support requests.

How would agents ensure that the user feels connected to the institution rather than a generic support/not an AI chatbot?

If requested by the client, we can build a customized dashboard with data on ticket types, contact methods, and peak contact times. Information is updated daily and accessible 24/7, which ensures clients have current insights into their users’ needs and interactions.

Our support agents are well-versed in the specific needs and nuances of each client institution. This deep understanding enables them to provide tailored responses that are relevant to the institution’s systems, policies, and practices. Students benefit from precise, context-aware solutions that are directly applicable to their unique situations, rather than generic advice that might not be as effective.

What insights and data do you send to clients? How do you share the data?

We gather and share data on common support issues, such as faculty needing help with adding content to courses, copying previous courses, setting up group assignments and discussion boards, and managing grade books. 

For students, common issues include trouble submitting assignments, accessing course materials, and login problems. This data communicates to users with regular reports and accessible dashboards.

What are some common support topics you see across students and faculty?

Faculty often need assistance with course content management, including adding new material, copying past courses, setting up group assignments, and configuring grade books. 

Students frequently encounter issues with submitting assignments, accessing course activities and exams, viewing videos or links, and logging in.

How do you maintain updates to the knowledge base and client standards?

Whenever a client notifies us of an update, we promptly revise the articles in their dedicated site. We also add informational warnings about scheduled maintenance or events that might affect course access. 

If we learn something new while resolving a ticket, we verify the information with the client and update the knowledge base accordingly.

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By combining rapid response times, personalized support, and continuous updates, we ensure that both faculty and students receive the help they need, when they need it. 

Our commitment to personalized, live support helps institutions maintain a strong connection with their users, enhancing the overall educational experience.

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