Content Writing and Development with Senior Project Manager Justine Sapp

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Ease Learning is dedicated to producing high-quality, engaging, and effective educational materials tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. From course development and textbook chapters to interactive scripts and performance-based questions, our expertise spans multiple formats and disciplines. In this interview, Justine Sapp, our Senior Project Manager, shares insights into our content writing and management practices. 

She discusses the diverse range of content we create, the importance of subject matter expertise, and the meticulous processes we employ to ensure client satisfaction and educational excellence. 

What Types of Content Writing Does Ease Learning Excel In?

We excel in creating diverse content types. We have experience crafting courses, textbook chapters, interactive activity scripts, multiple-choice solution video tutorials, performance-based questions, and more. 

Our versatility allows us to meet a variety of educational needs, which ensures that the content we produce is both engaging and effective.

Do Your SMEs Write Content for Higher Education? What Is That Like?

Yes, we do. Typically, we develop courses using either our own Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) or collaborate with SMEs who work for our clients. This collaborative process ensures that the courses we develop are tailored to the specific needs and standards of higher education institutions.

Do You Also Work for Publishers? How Do You Maintain Content?

Our work for publishers encompasses book chapters, exam preparation materials, interactive scripts, and videos. We often use online platforms to develop unique and accessible content for students.

Additionally, we maintain the content, whether we have originally written it or not, to ensure it remains current and relevant.

Are Your SMEs Experts in Assessment Writing?

Yes, many of our SMEs are highly experienced in assessment writing. Their expertise varies on discipline, ranging from multiple-choice questions to scenario-based assessments and exam preparation. 

Our SMEs are often well-versed in learning design and Bloom’s taxonomy, making them invaluable in long-term client relationships where their knowledge and familiarity with the client’s needs are crucial.

Do Your SMEs Conduct Reviews?

Our SMEs engage in both internal and external content reviews. They peer review content to ensure it meets the highest industry standards. Additionally, we have contracts where our SMEs review content writing provided by publishers or higher education institutions for technical accuracy, learning objective coverage, and overall flow.

Do You Have SMEs in All Disciplines?

Yes, we have SMEs across all disciplines, from medicine to cybersecurity, K-12 subjects, chemistry, physics, learning design, and more. This breadth of expertise allows us to handle a wide range of projects effectively.

What Qualities Do You Look For When Hiring Content Writers for Ease Learning?

We prioritize subject matter expertise, reliability, and a passion for developing high-quality content. We seek individuals with extensive, up-to-date experience in their fields, tailored specifically to the unique requirements of each project.

How Important Is It for an SME to Have Teaching Experience in Their Subject Matter?

The importance of teaching experience depends on the project. For course development, teaching experience can be beneficial. However, for creating performance-based questions or activities in specialized fields like cybersecurity, relevant work experience may be more crucial. Regardless, our SMEs are experts in their fields and often actively working in them.

What If an SME Has Great Expertise but Isn’t a Good Writer?

If an SME’s expertise is valuable but their writing skills are lacking, we might pair them with a learning designer to ensure a seamless customer experience. In some cases, the SME may be utilized for technical reviews instead. If writing quality is critical and cannot be compromised, we seek another SME to maintain our standards.

How Do You Handle SME and Customer Interactions?

Our project managers and lead learning designers handle client interactions, relaying information to the SMEs as needed. This approach streamlines the communication process and ensures that client interactions are managed efficiently.

What Is the Most Challenging Part of Providing Content Writing Services and How Do You Overcome It?

Capturing each client’s unique vision, tone, and style is the most challenging aspect. We address this by gathering detailed information upfront, including style guides and previous materials. 

Multiple client reviews and approvals throughout the process help ensure the content aligns with the client’s goals. We also use frameworks or thin slices to demonstrate the product early on and iron out any issues before diving deeper.

What Tools and Platforms Are You Proficient In for Content Management?

Our team is proficient in tools like ZenDesk and Jira. We also work closely with clients to learn and adapt to their preferred platforms, enhancing our ability to manage and maintain content effectively.

How Do You Handle Feedback and Revisions to Ensure Client Satisfaction?

To ensure timely completion, revision cycles are defined at the start of the contract. We schedule review and feedback sessions at regular intervals to prevent delays. If revisions change the project scope, we renegotiate the agreement to accommodate these changes.

How Do You Ensure Coverage for Multiple Disciplines or Content Areas?

We staff our teams to ensure sufficient coverage across various disciplines. Any necessary schedule adjustments are managed internally to avoid lapses in coverage.

How Does Your Content Maintenance Team Contribute to a Positive End-User Experience?

Our content maintenance team keeps content current and improves based on user feedback. This ongoing review process enhances clarity, accuracy, and consistency, ultimately benefiting the end-users.

How Do You Ensure Ongoing Communication with Clients About Content Maintenance Projects?

As a project manager, I meet with clients weekly or monthly to review progress and identify areas for improvement. I provide weekly updates on ticket responses and closures, informing clients about how their time is being used.

More About Ease

As we move forward, Ease Learning commits to adapting and evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the educational landscape. 

By leveraging our extensive expertise and maintaining open lines of communication with our clients, we are building lasting partnerships and deliver exceptional educational content. 

We look forward to many more years of helping our clients achieve their educational goals and making a positive impact on learners around the world.

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