DEI in the Learning Design Process [Podcast]

Boosting DEI with Ease Learning

Integrating DEI in the Learning Design Process: Transforming Education with Laurie Pulido and Ease Learning

Laurie Pulido: A Visionary Educator’s Mission

Laurie Pulido, a lifelong educator, leads Ease Learning as its pioneering Founder and CEO. With an unwavering commitment, she’s propelling the integration of DEI principles into the Learning Design Process, setting new standards for learner engagement.

Empowering Education Through DEI Integration

At Ease Learning, we hold a fundamental belief: starting content development from the learner’s perspective lays a strong foundation. Our core conviction lies in merging learner insights with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles, empowering us to craft captivating educational content. Despite potential contentions, we’re resolute in seamlessly integrating DEI into the Learning Design Process, propelling learning achievements.

Podcast Spotlight: Laurie Pulido on DEI in Learning Design

A recent highlight was Laurie Pulido’s insightful appearance on the FYI: For Your Institution podcast by Mongoose. The core of her discourse revolved around her compelling blog post titled “The 5 Reasons DEI is Important to the Learning Design Process.” This conversation illuminates DEI’s indispensable role in shaping the Learning Experience Design process.

Guiding Institutions Towards Equitable Learning Content

Within this enlightening dialogue, the spotlight magnifies DEI’s pivotal role in learning design. Moreover, the conversation gracefully transitions into actionable steps institutions should embrace. These measures ensure equitable and captivating content creation, nurturing an environment for every learner to flourish.

Laurie Pulido: A Catalyst for Educational Transformation

In the swiftly evolving educational landscape, Laurie Pulido and Ease Learning stand as champions, advocating for the inseparable fusion of DEI principles with innovative learning design. Embark on an enriching journey through Laurie’s podcast. Each sentence reverberates with the harmonious blend of DEI in the Learning Design Process, offering clarity and inspiration for seekers of educational excellence.

Listen in on the full conversation:

Additional Helpful Resources:

Below you will find some additional resources to help you put the ideas discussed in the podcast into action.

Ease Learning DEI Rubric

AI-Powered DEI Assessments

Interactive Learning Objects (ILOs)

Ease Learning LLC

Leveraging our proprietary Rubric for Equitable Course Design, and powered by artificial intelligence (AI), we bring continuous improvement to DEI by auditing courses for DEI opportunities and making recommendations for improvement. 

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