The Power of Expertise: Working with Subject Matter Experts with Angela Brasser

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At Ease Learning, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch educational content across various disciplines. Central to our success are our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. To dive deeper into the role and importance of SMEs in our content creation process, we sat down with Angela Brasser, our Lead Learning Designer. 

Do your Subject Matter Experts (SME) write content for higher education? What is that like?

Yes, our SMEs often write content for higher education. These experts bring a depth of knowledge that is both broad and deep, offering insights and perspectives that are invaluable in creating engaging and informative content. 

The process is not just about transferring knowledge but also about translating complex concepts into digestible formats for learners. This dynamic interaction often leads to a collaborative learning experience for both the subject matter experts and our team.

Do you have SMEs in all disciplines?

Yes! You can name nearly any field and we have SMEs in that area.

Our extensive network of SMEs spans a wide range of disciplines, ensuring that we can provide expert content across various subjects. 

This diversity allows us to cater to the specific needs of our clients, whether they require content in the sciences, humanities, technology, or any other field. 

Having SMEs in nearly every discipline means that we can always find the right expert for any project, ensuring high-quality and accurate content.

What do you look for in particular when hiring someone to write content for Ease Learning?

We look for people who are first and foremost, experts in their field, but we also look for people who can apply a set of guidelines (generally provided by the client) to their writing, and people who are willing to use a grammar tool, such as Grammarly.

When hiring subject matter experts, expertise is paramount. We seek individuals who have a deep understanding of their subject matter and can communicate this knowledge effectively. This combination of expertise, adaptability, and attention to detail helps maintain the high standards we set for our content.

How important is it for an SME to have been/be an instructor of the subject matter?

It certainly helps if someone has instructor experience. When an SME has instructor experience, they understand what areas trip up the learner, where the biggest challenges happen, and how to best explain challenging concepts.

Having teaching experience is a significant advantage for an SME. Instructors are often better at identifying and addressing common learning obstacles, which enhances the overall quality of the content. They bring a pedagogical perspective that is invaluable in crafting materials that are not only informative but also engaging and accessible to learners.

What do you do if an SME has great expertise but isn’t a very good writer?

Even the most knowledgeable experts may sometimes struggle with writing. To support these SMEs, we utilize AI tools like Grammarly. These tools help ensure that the content is not only accurate but also well-written and easy to understand.

By leveraging technology, we can help our SMEs produce high-quality content that meets our standards and the expectations of our clients.

How do you handle client feedback and revisions to ensure their satisfaction with the maintained content?

Client feedback is a critical part of our process. We take great care to address all feedback thoroughly and promptly, ensuring that the final content meets their expectations. 

Our commitment to client satisfaction involves open communication, flexibility, and a dedication to continuous improvement. 

This approach helps us maintain strong relationships with our clients and deliver content that consistently meets their needs.

More About Ease

At Ease Learning, our SMEs are at the heart of our content creation process. Their expertise, combined with our robust support systems and commitment to client satisfaction, allows us to deliver high-quality educational materials across a broad range of disciplines. Working with SMEs is not just about leveraging their knowledge but also about fostering a collaborative environment where learning and growth are continuous.

Through our conversation with Angela Brasser, we gain a deeper understanding of how SMEs contribute to the success of Ease Learning and the impact they have on the educational content we provide. Their dedication and expertise are what make our content truly exceptional.

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